Track & Field Results 2022

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DateMeet NameMeet TypeResultsTiming
6/12/2022Team Missouri InviteYouthFull Results
6/4/2022Mo Elite InviteYouthFull Results
5/23/2022Class 4 Sectional 2HSFull Results
5/23/2022Class 5 Sectional 2HSFull Results
5/19/2022IHSA 3A Sectional - BoysHSFull Results
5/15/2022DASA Gateway Regional Games-Full Results
5/14/2022Class 1 Sectional 1HSFull Results
5/14/2022Class 2 Sectional 1HSFull Results
5/14/2022Class 4 District 4HSFull Results
5/14/2022Class 4 District 5HSFull Results
5/14/2022Class 5 District 5HSFull Results
5/14/2022Class 4 District 3HSFull Results
5/14/2022Class 5 District 3HSFull Results
5/11/2022NCCAA Outdoor ChampionshipsCollegeFull Results
5/10/2022Lutheran North All Comers InviteHSFull Results
5/9/2022GAC North ChampionshipsHSFull Results
5/7/2022Lutheran South InviteHSFull Results
5/6/2022GLVC Outdoor ChampionshipsCollegeFull Results
5/6/2022AMC Outdoor ChampionshipsCollegeFull Results
5/6/2022GAC Central ChampionshipsHSFull Results
5/6/2022Suburban Yellow Conference GirlsHSFull Results
5/5/2022Suburban Yellow Conference BoysHSFull Results
5/4/2022GAC South ChampionshipsHSFull Results
5/4/2022Suburban Green Conference GirlsHSFull Results
5/4/2022Suburban Red Conference BoysHSFull Results
5/4/2022Ozark Conference ChampionshipsHSFull Results
5/3/2022Suburban Red Conference GirlsHSFull Results
5/3/2022Central Ozark JH ChampionshipsJHFull Results
5/3/2022Mt. Vernon Boys Ram InviteHSFull Results
5/2/2022Suburban Blue ConferenceHSFull Results
5/2/2022SEMO JH Conference NorthMSFull Results
4/30/2022SLIAC Outdoor ChampionshipsCollegeFull Results
4/30/2022Viki Lynn Reeves Classic GirlsHSFull Results
4/30/2022True Blue OpenCollegeFull Results
4/29/2022North Point Grizzly InviteHSFull Results
4/28/2022Kimball/Wintermeyer Girls InviteHSFull Results
4/28/2022Patriot ClassicHSFull Results
4/28/2022Truman St. Twilight MeetCollegeFull Results
4/28/2022Wentzville MS InvitationalMSFull Results
4/27/2022Lutheran North Girls InviteHSFull Results
4/27/2022Metro League GirlsHSFull Results
4/27/2022Parkway West FR Boys InviteHSFull Results
4/27/2022Mexico MS RelaysMSFull Results
4/26/2022Metro League Boys MeetHSFull Results
4/26/2022Black Knight JV InviteHSFull Results
4/26/2022St. Clair County Boys MeetHSFull Results
4/26/2022SBU Bearcat HS Classic (Class 1-2-3)HSFull Results
4/25/2022SBU Bearcat HS Classic (Class 4-5)HSFull Results
4/25/2022Bowling Green MS InviteMSFull Results
4/25/2022Lions Den JV InviteHSFull Results
4/23/2022Brusca/Strohbach InviteHSFull Results
4/23/2022Wildcat OpenCollegeFull Results
4/23/2022Cape Central InvitationalHSFull Results
4/23/2022Dick Cochran ClassicCollegeFull Results
4/22/2022Waynesville InviteHSFull Results
4/22/2022Ron Whittaker Bulldog ClassicHSFull Results
4/22/2022Gary Ewing InvitationalHSFull Results
4/21/2022Fred Lyon InvitationalHSFull Results
4/21/2022Jason Pyrah InviteHSFull Results
4/21/2022Sikeston RelaysHSFull Results
4/21/2022Orchard Farm Varsity InviteHSFull Results
4/19/2022Sullivan MS InviteMSFull Results
4/19/2022SCW Boys InviteHSFull Results
4/19/2022Truman State Bulldogs HS ClassicHSFull Results
4/19/2022Brookfield MS InviteMSFull Results
4/19/2022Eureka JV InviteHSFull Results
4/18/2022Freeburg HS Boys InviteHSFull Results
4/18/2022SCW Lady Warrior InviteHSFull Results
4/16/2022Lions Den Varsity InviteHSFull Results
4/16/2022Keith Hall InvitationalHSFull Results
4/16/2022Corey Siebert InviteHSFull Results
4/15/2022O'Fallon Girls InvitationalHSFull Results
4/15/2022Greenville Select InviteCollegeFull Results
4/15/2022Mule RelaysCollegeFull Results
4/14/2022Simpson RelaysHSFull Results
4/14/2022Henle Holmes InvitationalHSFull Results
4/14/2022Sikeston JH Bulldog InviteMSFull Results
4/14/2022Lebanon MS InviteMSFull Results
4/12/2022Alton Boys FR-SO InviteHSFull Results
4/12/2022Kennet InviteHSFull Results
4/12/2022Nixa Varsity InviteHSFull Results
4/12/2022Thunderbird InviteHSFull Results
4/12/2022Orchard Farm Eagle InviteHSFull Results
4/11/2022Holt JV Pow WowHSFull Results
4/11/2022Ozark JV MeetHSFull Results
4/9/2022Norm Armstrong/Belleville West InvitationalHSFull Results
4/9/2022Timberland Wolfpack InviteHSFull Results
4/9/2022McKendree Bearcat ClassicCollegeFull Results
4/9/2022Kearney Classic InviteHSFull Results
4/8/2022St. Dominic Crusader InviteHSFull Results
4/8/2022Eureka Boys Wildcat ClassicHSFull Results
4/8/2022Farmington MS InviteMSFull Results
4/6/2022St. Charles West 9th/10th InviteHSFull Results
4/6/2022MICDS InviteHSFull Results
4/5/2022Bowling G. Mini MedalHSFull Results
4/4/2022Parkway QuadHSFull Results
4/2/2022Jackson HS InviteHSFull Results
4/2/2022Lindberg Boys Flyer ClassicHSFull Results
4/2/2022Holt InvitationalHSFull Results
4/2/2022Priory Open Varsity MeetHSFull Results
4/1/2022CMU InvitationalCollegeFull Results
4/1/2022SBU Bearcat InviteCollegeFull Results
4/1/2022Jackson JH InviteMSFull Results
4/1/2022Priory JH OpenMSFull Results
4/1/2022Principia HS InviteHSFull Results
3/31/2022Farmington QuadHSFull Results
3/29/2022Thunderbird Early InviteHSFull Results
3/28/2022Timberland JV Wolfpack InvitationalHSFull Results
3/26/2022Lutheran St. Charles Bob Carter InviteHSFull Results
3/26/2022Fort Zumwalt West Jaguar InviteHSFull Results
3/25/2022Bowling Green Open MeetHSFull Results
3/25/2022Butler HS InvitationalHSFull Results
3/22/2022Lutheran North Home OpenerHSFull Results
3/22/2022UCM HS Mule Relays (Class 1-2)HSFull Results
3/21/2022UCM HS Mule Relays (Class 3-4-5)HSFull Results
3/19/2022CMU OpenCollegeFull Results
3/19/2022O'Fallon City Quad MeetHSFull Results
3/18/2022St Charles Seanson's OpenHSFull Results
3/5/202232nd Annual SIU High School Indoor Boys Track & Field InvitationalHSFull Results
3/4/202232nd Annual SIU High School Indoor Girls Track & Field InvitationalHSFull Results
2/27/2022Ozark Indoor Series ChampionshipsHS / YouthFull Results
2/26/2022SLIAC Indoor ChampionshipsCollegeFull Results
2/26/2022GLVC Indoor ChampionshipsCollegeFull Results
2/20/2022Ozark Indoor Series #2HS / YouthFull Results
2/19/2022AMC Indoor ChampionshipsCollegeFull Results
2/18/2022Hilltop InviteCollegeFull Results
2/5/2022Don DeNoon InviteCollegeFull Results
2/5/2022Jim Green InviteCollegeFull Results
1/30/2022Ozark Indoor Series #1HS / YouthFull Results
1/28/2022Prin RelaysCollegeFull Results

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