About Us

Our Mission:

It is the function of TRXC to provide the highest quality of race management services available. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. All this will be accomplished through the following priorities: dedication, teamwork, commitment, understanding, patience, and communication.

What Makes TRXC Timing Different?

We are precision timers who has been in business since 1997. This means our equipment is designed for elite championship races, however the equipment is versatile. This gives us the capability to time races from 200 entrants to 4,000 entrants and beyond. For more information about our equipment and technology see below.


TRXC Timing utilizes FinishLynx Photo Finish cameras. Photo finish cameras are setup parallel with the finish line and capture results images from the side. This allows cameras to record the exact moment an athlete crosses the plane of the finish line. FinishLynx Digital Photofinish products meet all the requirements of a Fully Automatic Timing System (F.A.T.) as defined by the IAAF, NCAA, USATF, NFHS as well as many other national and international sporting organizations.

TRXC also utilizes the Elite RFID reader from IPICO sports, a worldwide leader in radio-frequency identification sports technology. IPICO timing systems are used around the world at events ranging in size from less than 100 to many thousands, including the London Marathon, BolderBoulder 10k, Nike Women’s Marathon, US Olympic Team Trials, and many more. The IPICO system in conjunction with FinishLynx timing software is the most accurate timing system in the world.

Each IPICO Elite reader can support two 5-meter chip reading mats. TRXC uses them in sequence to provide redundancy and greater accuracy. The two mats can also be placed side-by-side to provide a wider finish line.


TRXC uses IPICO’s eco-friendly reusable shoe chips. These shoe chips provide superb accuracy without the waste of disposable bib chips. The shoe chips are impervious to elements as they are waterproof and have an operating temperature range of -22°F to 158°F. The reader can identify up to 120 tags per second.

TRXC Timing uses HyTek Meet Manager or Race Director to process the finishers and provide overall and age group results. HyTek Meet Manager interfaces with the IPICO reader through FinishLynx photo finish software and it is the most-widely used meet management software in the world.