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                                       HY-TEK's Meet Manager 2/24/2022 11:08 AM
                  GLVC Championships - 2/26/2022 to 2/27/2022                  
                      Entries and Results by TRXC Timing                       
                     Hosted by University of Indianapolis                      
                                 Meet Program                                  
Event 8  (M) Weight
 3 Preliminary Throws
 Top 9 to Finals for 3 additonal throws in ascending order
        GLVC:  20.45m  2012        Matt Royer, Indianapolis                    
    DII Prov:  17.84m                                                          
     Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
Flight 1  Finals
  1  Nathan Lightfoot              FR W.J.C.               12.89m 
  2  Gyasi Boisson                 SO Lewis                14.82m 
  3  Brock King                    JR Indy                 14.96m 
  4  Parker Lucas                  FR Indy                 14.87m 
  5  Nathan Bufka                  SR T.S.U.               14.32m 
  6  Louk Gray                     FR U.S.I.                8.59m 
  7  Zyaire Shermon                SO Lewis                14.31m 
  8  Mark Sciutto                  JR Indy                 15.47m 
  9  Cameron Smith                 FR Indy                 14.50m 
Flight 2  Finals
  1  Tyler Gilbert                 JR Indy                 15.88m 
  2  Keeton Adams                  JR Indy                 16.04m 
  3  Paden Lewis                   SO Quincy               17.57m 
  4  Brendan Baker                 SR T.S.U.               18.59m 
  5  Jacob Brouse                  SO Indy                 16.44m 
  6  Bobby Campbell                SR T.S.U.               18.95m 
  7  Logan Kulinski                SR Lindenwood           18.69m 
  8  Jacob Luebbert                SO S&T                  18.37m 
  9  Taylor Sadkowski              JR Indy                 15.88m 
 10  Nathan Swadley                JR S&T                  16.89m 
 11  Jacob Morris                  JR T.S.U.               19.51m