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                                       HY-TEK's Meet Manager 2/24/2022 11:08 AM
                  GLVC Championships - 2/26/2022 to 2/27/2022                  
                      Entries and Results by TRXC Timing                       
                     Hosted by University of Indianapolis                      
                                 Meet Program                                  
Event 6  (M) Pole Vault
        GLVC:  5.21m  2004        Duane Chappell, Lewis                        
    DII Prov:  4.78m                                                           
     Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
Flight 1  Finals
  1  Oliver Robinson               FR Maryville             3.65m 
  2  Joseph Nickell                JR S&T                   4.80m 
  3  Kevin Cousins                 FR Lewis                 4.35m 
  4  Jake Anderson                 JR S&T                   4.50m 
  5  Matt Dziekan                  JR Quincy                   NH 
  6  Cade Priddy                   FR Indy                  4.60m 
  7  Ian Hoffman                   JR W.J.C.                3.77m 
  8  Kelly Hoskins                 SO T.S.U.                4.31m 
  9  Gavin McDonald                SO Maryville             4.55m 
 10  Brayden Housh                 FR S.B.U.                4.17m 
 11  Malcolm Wolfe                 SR Lewis                 3.75m 
 12  Alex Hasty                    FR Indy                  3.88m 
 13  Collin Hunter                 FR S.B.U.                4.32m 
 14  Treyton Arnold                SO Indy                  4.75m